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2019 Review

CHALLENGE Visually represent the year 2019 through music, television, photos, and more.

NARRATIVE Inspired by Nick Felton and his Feltron reports, this fun personal project allowed me to explore information design outside of school or work. This report sums up significant events in my life during the year 2019 through data collected and visualized. I combed through my photos, Google Drive, email, and Spotify, and even trip iteneraries to find out where I was and what I was doing from January to December.

Madeleine 2019 Review title page
Madeleine 2019 Review inside cover page
Madeleine 2019 Review television page showing bar graph of TV shows watched
Madeleine 2019 Review work page with pie graph of days off and line graph of hours worked per week for each job

Design Process

TARGET AUDIENCE The target audience for this project, beyond myself, is any friends or family members featured. While I was doing research, I found myself reaching out to old friends and asking questions like "Did we write a paper on The Graduate for Com 335 or 337?" I toed the line between inside jokes (like fish resurrections) and representing information clearly enough that someone who had never met me would be able to understand.

Madeleine 2019 Review travl page with large world map and stats
Madeleine 2019 Review travel page with map of USA, Europe, and China and stats for each
Madeleine 2019 Review photos pages with multiple graphs
Madeleine 2019 Review music page with multiple graphs