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Matey: A Pirate's Personal Assistant

CHALLENGE Whether a lazy landlubber or a seasoned seamen, every pirate needs a personal assistant.

NARRATIVE Merging modern graphics and visual design principles with aesthetics and imagery from the Golden Age of piracy to create a pirate’s personal assistant app. Using user interface design and personal knowledge of piracy, this app aims to give every pirate crew a means of communicating, schedule making, and navigating to pirate towns and taverns alike.

Design Process

TARGET AUDIENCE If a crew from the Golden Age of Piracy was all of a sudden transported into the modern day, I'm sure they would appreciate Matey. I established two personas before starting my design, one seasoned pirate captain and one new sailor.

Persona for William Smith, a new pirate
Persona for Black Ann James, an experienced pirate captain

CONCEPT TO EXECUTION I started the design process by thinking through what features pirates would look for in an app, and what those pages would look like. Although I started with a personal assistant app for individuals pirate, I decided to create an app that lets an entire pirate crew collaborate while still maintaining the individual functions.

Collection of handdrawn wireframes of pirate app screens

PROTOTYPING After a few iterations, I pulled my design into Adobe XD to create a prototype. The app is fully navigable, including a few pages that scroll. The final prototype has a chat function, a collaboartive ship's log, a map with pirate-friendly ports and a royal navy tracker, a ship and knot photo identifier, and a pirate-to-english dictionary.

Matey login screen wireframe
Matey homescreen wireframe
Matey resources page wireframe
Matey dictionry wireframe
Matey map screen wireframe with Tortuga pin highlighted
Matey map screen wireframe
Matey flag identifier wireframe
Matey chat function wireframe showing conversation with Blackheart Matt