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Spotify Redesign

CHALLENGE Music aficionados looking for easy ways to discover new music and organize old music have problems with the current Spotify interface. What features can be added to the existing interface to improve the experience? 

NARRATIVE For a UX project, I decided to re-design one of my favorite softwares, Spotify. I use Spotify all the time, so I had a few ideas for features that would be useful and improve the user experience. After making a persona and user journey map, I created mock-ups of my proposed changes. The changes combine the best features across mobile and desktop, as well as a few new features that are standard in other music listening platforms.

Design Process

TARGET AUDIENCE As someone who uses Spotify almost very day (no, seriously I have the stats to show it), it was important to me that I create a design for the average user, and not myself. I created a persona to keep in mind when thinking about potential interface changes and improvements.

 Edits of Spotify interface with Genius Lyrics on Desktop
Example user journey for spotify user

CONTENT The re-design process involved lots of screenshots of Spotify and some photoshop. The four changes I implemented are adding the Genius lyrics function to desktop, creating an 'Add Next' button that adds a song to the top of the Queue, simplifying the Platform Connect function, and redesigning the Friend Activity feed for mobile users.

 Edits of Spotify interface with Genius Lyrics on Desktop
Edits of Spotify Platform Connect and Friend Activity feed
Spotify interfact edited to have Add Next function